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2017(4) November(4)

Sales Interview

Sell me this pen!
  • This is most common question for any sales interview.
  • There are exactly four sales skills the interviewer is looking to see in your answer:
  • How you gather information?
  • How you prepare information?
  • How you deliver information?
  • And how you insist for buying (closing)?

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How to get a Job as Fresher IT Jobs.

  • Apply to as much companies as you can through various sources like job portals, Company's website, Consultancies and references.
  • Make some independent projects and upgrade you basic skills. Showcase them on different forms and include them in your resume.
  • There are many recruiting firms which help you get an interview. Try them.
  • Attend some live projects and learn the things in real environment. Mention it in your resume.
  • Once you get a chance to get in to some interviewed prepare yourself and be ready to give your 100% effort.
  • Don’t miss the following things:
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Interview Etiquette

Practice for Body Language and Facial Gestures.
  • You should follow these instructions strictly:
  • Stand/Seat straight: It Shows that you are serious in discussion and giving full attention to the Interviewer.
  • Make eye contact while answering: Eye to Eye contact shows up your confidence, Attentiveness and let you focus on Their gestures.
  • Make a firm handshake: Again it is a sign of Confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Feel confident : Confidence should come from within. Your facial gestures, body activities, hand gestures everything should speak up your confidence level.
  • Comfortable: be comfortable, don’ t get nervous.
Formal Attire
  • Business dressing is very important to impress the interviewer. It also improves your confidence level. You must be well-groomed. If the Interview letter ask for a particular Dress code please follow the same.
  • Wear formal attire with a Tie.
  • Black leather shoes (must be well-polished).
  • Have a professional, simple and nice hair cut.
  • Cleanly Shave.
Be A Good Listener
  • Listen your interviewer very carefully. If you are not listening properly, you are missing an opportunity to impress him because sometimes there is a hidden answer in the question already. So you should improve your listening skills.
Dont be too Talkative
  • It is not a good practice to speak unnecessarily. Your answer must be to the point.
  • Speak less, accurate and to the point.
  • Don't Mumble (You must be well prepared to avoid this situation).
  • Focus on your strong skills and explain them in detail.
  • Speak appropriate sentences.
You should be Curious
  • Generally when the interviewers ask that if you have a question? Most of the candidates say no and you lose an opportunity . You should ask questions also according to the situation, it shows that you are listening properly and have a keen interest. Asking questions also gives you an opportunity to find the right place for you in the company.
Don't be too familiar
  • Be professional during an interview throughout the discussion. You should not try to make a false familiar atmosphere. Interviewers are smart and catch all your over-smartness in just a minute. So, don't try to be over smart and speak appropriately. It is just a negative impression though.
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Audio Video Resumes are changing the game.

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