HRO Services

Let us do the clerical work and you focus on your prime business. We will manage your payroll effectively and flawlessly. We have our proprietary Payroll software which manages all HR records of your employees like Their Leaves, Leave Accumulations, Performance Bonus, Incentives, Basic, HRA, DA, Reimbursements, Advances, Loans, IT deduction, PF deduction, PF filing, various applicable taxes filing, everything related to Payroll will be taken care by our dedicated team. You will get a summarized and detailed report every time on a click of your mouse.

We help you to set up your own Human Resource Office from the scratch. Right from finding the right HR personnel to drafting various documents with regards to labour law compliances. If you are an startup and has achieved a level where you want to manage your staff through a dedicated HR team, we can help you to achieve this objective.

How it works?

OUR HRO expert will visit you and he/she will note down your requirements. He will inform you about the applicable laws and solution for that. He will guide whether you need a dedicated team or just a third party HRO will be enough for you. We try to offer you most suitable solution to your needs and budget. An Initial discussion will be always free for you. We charge only when you need our support so, feel free to call us for an initial discussion.

Payroll Handling.

If you have employees in more than one state, you must comply with requirements for paying and reporting state taxes and abiding laws. Nimbus Hire’s professional Payroll services will help to execute your payroll flawlessly. We follow a complete transparent system where you can check the reports and MIS in real time. You don’t have to bother about the various deductions and tax filings for your employees and on your behalf. We follow a compliance calendar and we timely submit all the dues of various govt. departments on your behalf. It also includes Leave management for your employees. It becomes easy to implement company policy and rules on employees when you outsource your payroll to Nimbus Hire.